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Cute Spring 2022 Bag Trends

Not that ladies handbags were ever out of fashion, but we went a long time without needing them since, you know, we weren't going to a whole lot of places in 2020. But now that we've embraced them again, we can talk about all the newest designs we've been seeing during fashion month so far. At NYFW, we've seen purses of all shapes and sizes, from little bb ones to extra-large totes, and everything in between. So whether you need a mini purse ladies handbag, just for the essentials or you're looking for something more heavy-duty, there's a style in here for you that'll inspire you to add an additional ladies handbags to your accessory collection.

Keep scrolling for five pretty spring 2022 ladies handbags trends you'll be seeing everywhere next year. And if you're still prepping for fall and winter, definitely check out what's happening fashion-wise in the coming months by viewing our collection of ladies handbags on our website. Happy browsing!

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